Discover Dubai

Dubai is a bustling centre of excellence, recognised as the commercial and tourism centre of the region, and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is a city of contrasts, where outstanding modern architecture and soaring skyscrapers stand alongside traditional Arabic buildings and suburban villas. Its selection and designation as host city for The World’s Fair-Expo 2020 epitomises its status and ambition. Dubai's many and varied attractions provide visitors with a unique experience. Miles of clean, uncrowded sandy beaches give way to mysterious byways from an exotic Arabian heritage. The timeless majesty of the desert contrasts with a spectacular nightlife of restaurants and nightclubs. The city has a strong service-driven economy, offering every business amenity from banking to telecommunications, transport. International trading and industrialization are encouraged by the provision of seaports and specialist free trade zones. Many projects are bringing 21st century technology and communication to Dubai including the world's first Free Zone dedicated to e-business, and the priority placed on mobile-enabled government services.

Travel Information


Dubai Airport is a one of the busiest airports in the world. It is a major international hub and is located within the city of Dubai. Dubai can be easily reached from almost anywhere in the world by direct flights. Now Almaktoum airport is also in service at the south end of the city. Information on Dubai Airport can be found at:

Arriving in Dubai

On arrival in Dubai, you can take a taxi or the metro to reach you destination.

  • If you are a tourist, try to avoid rush hours.
  • Metro runs from 7am to late hours..
  • Traveling at night by taxi is the fast convenient..
  • You can use “abra” to cross Dubai Creek. It is an enjoyable experience at night.
  • Nol Card is easiest way to use Dubai transportations system including the metro..
  • One car on each metro train is set aside for women and children only.
  • Stand on your right on escalators.
  • Nol Card Name of the ticket or pass required for travel on the metro, tram, local bus and water bus. Must be purchased before boarding and topped up with credit.
  • RTA Road & Transport Authority, the entity that manages public transport in Dubai. Has a website at
  • Dubai Metro Red Line Stops at or near major sights along Sheikh Zayed Rd and in Bur Dubai and Deira.
  • Dubai Tram Slow but handy for getting around the Dubai Marina.
  • Buy a Nol Card before using the metro, local bus, tram or water bus.
  • If you're in Dubai on a short layover, buy the rechargeable Nol Red Ticket. Longer stays might warrant getting the Nol Silver Pass.
  • The best walking areas include Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, historic Bur Dubai and Deira.
  • The RTA network is divided into seven zones, with fares depending on the number of zones traversed.
  • Travel requires the purchase of a Nol ticket or card (nol is Arabic for 'fare') at ticket stations or from vending machines before boarding. Cards must be tapped onto the card reader upon entering and exiting at which point the correct fare will be deducted.
  • Two types of tickets are relevant to visitors: For full details, see