October 20th - Innovation in Services and Open Innovation - New Trends in the Innovation Management (Auditorium)


Juan Mulet Meliá, COTEC, Spain
The concept of this session is to lighten the discussion about models of innovation. For example, there's a wide discussion about innovation in services industries. Other relevant discussion is related to the companyís management, opening of doors to receive and send flows of knowledge.


Models of Innovation: Big Companies vs. Start-ups, Products vs. Services, Technologyvs. Business Models - Where are we heading?
Jerome Engel
, Haas School of Business, Universityof California Berkeley, USA


- University panelist: Rafael Zaballa Gomes, La Salle Innovation Park, Spain
- Industry panelist: Elisa Martin Garijo, IBM, Spain
- Government panelist: Daniel González de la Rivera Grandal, Ministry of Science and Innovation- MICINN, Spain
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