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Innovation is understood as a resultant of a complex and dynamic process related to interactions between University, Industry and Government, in a spiral of endless transitions. The Triple Helix approach, developed by Henry Etzkowitz and Loet Leydesdorff, is based on the perspective of University as a leader of the relationship with Industry and Government, to generate new knowledge, innovation and economic development.

After Amsterdam, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Copenhagen/Lund, Turin, Singapore and Glasgow, the Triple Helix movement arrives to its 8th global meeting in Madrid, Spain, in 2010. The Triple Helix VIII-International Conference on University, Industry and Government Linkages will be held on 20-22 October 2010. It will be organized by the International Institute of Triple Helix-IITH and hosted by La Salle Innovation Park of Services for People. Its aim is to connect academics, business leaders, government staff and other specialists involved in the different aspects of innovation management.

The conference program will include different interactions:

Our aim is to create the best environment to enable a fruitful discussion between academics and practitioners in the University, Industry and Government spheres. The VIII Triple Helix also will provide a unique experience of Spanish culture and heritage.

The main theme of our conference is "Triple Helix in the Development of Cities of Knowledge, Expanding Communities and Connecting Regions".
Submissions on Triple Helix related topics are encouraged and shall focus on the following subthemes:

Economic growth and social development in knowledge-based cities and connecting regions: challenge and future

S2 Triple Helix study

S3 Triple Helix in action: unlocking economic and social crises

S4 University in regional innovation and social development

S5 Government and public policy in the Triple Helix era

S6 Enterprises and industrial development in a knowledge-based city or region

All the submissions will be evaluated in a blind review by a Scientific Committee composed by international specialists in innovation management and regional development. Part of them will be accepted for parallel sessions. Others will be suggested for poster presentations.

Conference Chairmen are also open to receive proposals for Thematic Workshops. These workshops will consist of four papers in specific Triple Helix topics lead by a Coordinator. This proposal has a free format and must be sent formally until February, 15th.

Important deadlines:

Extended abstract submission: until February 15th, 2010
Notice of acceptance: May 10th, 2010
Full paper submission (including profiles & registration): September 1st, 2010
Conference: October 20-22, 2010

General information for submission:

The extended abstract must have between 500-1000 words, including references. The full papers must have between 4000-6000 words, excluding references. The poster template will be shown in due time.

Extended abstract and full papers must include the following information:
1) Subtheme
2) Up to 5 keywords
3) Structure: introduction (where a specific topic will be presented), state of the art about the topic, research focus, methodology, findings, contributions and implications.

The evaluation criteria will be if the submission is adherent to the subtheme and the quality in terms of contributions to the Triple Helix.

The submissions must be uploaded in the conference website until 15 February, 2010 until 11 PM (GMT+1). Any file received by email or another way WILL NOT be accepted. The extended abstract must be written without information from the authors. Names, filiations, emails and other must be informed in the upload tool. Just for submissions to the session of student's papers it's necessary to inform in the extend abstract (above title) and choose the option session of students. All submissions outside this option will be reviewed as a professional submission.

All accepted submissions will be published in the conference website. The following paragraph must be included on the cover page of the paper to indicate acceptance of the copyright terms:

Copyright of the paper resides with the author(s). Submission of a paper grants permission to the 8th Triple Helix International Scientific and Organizing Committees to include it in the conference material and to place it on relevant websites. The Scientific Committee may invite papers accepted for the conference to be considered for publication in Special Issues of selected journals.

The absence of legal rights assignment or registration will automatically eliminate the work from the Triple Helix VIII conference.

The conference will offer submitting authors an unprecedented number of high-level publication opportunities. Your excellent papers could be considered/reviewed for submission to several international journals. At least recommended by the Scientific Committee members as a prior consideration.

Triple Helix Conference I Amsterdam, 1996 II New York, 1998 III Rio de Janeiro, 2000 IV Copenhagen, 2002 V Turin, 2005 VI Singapore, 2007 VII Glasgow, 2009 VIII Madrid, 2010 IX Stanford, 2011 X Indonesia, 2012 XI London, 2013
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