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  Sub-Theme 2: Indicators – Measurement of Triple Helix Linkages and Dynamics

  Sub-Theme 14: Triple Helix from Perspective of Cultural and Creative Industries  
  Detailed Calls for other sub-themes will be updated when available.  

  Indicators – Measurement of Triple Helix Linkages and Dynamics

The Triple Helix provides a platform for researchers from a variety of disciplines studying university-industry-government relations. Following a tradition established at the 3rd Triple Helix Conference in Copenhagen, also the forthcoming meeting in Singapore will provide a platform for exchange and discussion for colleagues with an interest in developing new and improving established indicators in a number of areas especially related to the Triple Helix. These include the following:
  • Mapping Communication Processes in Science and Technology
  • The Dynamics of University-Industry-Government Relations
  • Indicators of Academic Entrepreneurship & Knowledge Exchange Relationships (‘Third-stream indicators’)
  • Measuring Organisational Change in the Entrepreneurial University
  • Tracing Inter-Disciplinarity & the Evolution of Boundary-Crossing Intellectual Spaces
  • Analyzing Science-Technology Interaction & University-Industry Collaboration
  • Measuring the Impact of Universities as Regional Innovation Organizers
  • Indicators for Understanding Triple Helix Relations in Emerging Economies & Developing Countries

The analysis of bibliometric, patent, or webometric data can make important contributions to our understanding of these aspects of the Triple Helix. Additional insights can be gained from extending informetric analyses using other quantitative and also qualitative approaches.

We welcome informetric and other quantitative contributions addressing the above issues. Also papers of a more qualitative nature are invited in so far they contribute towards a better understanding of indicators in this area, especially contributions that shed light on the use of S&T metrics in the policy arena and policy drivers in the development of indicators.

We aim to publish a selection of contributions in a dedicated issue of a relevant journal. Contributions to earlier Indicators tracks in the conference series have been published in special issues of journals, such as ‘Research Policy’ and ‘Scientometrics’.

Papers that are to be presented will be selected on the basis of extended abstracts which should not be longer than 2 pages. The deadline for submission is January 8, 2007. Please submit abstracts online following this link:


Please make sure to indicate that you wish to present your paper in the conference sub-theme ‘2. Indicators/Measurement of Triple Helix Linkages and Dynamics’. Successful authors will be notified of acceptance by February 16, 2007.


Sub-Theme 14: Triple Helix from Perspective of Cultural and Creative Industries

The 6th Biennial International Triple Helix Conference on University-Industry Government-Links will be held in Singapore from 16-18 May 2007 with the theme "Emerging Models for the Entrepreneurial University:Regional Diversities or Global Convergence".

This year the conference includes a challenging sub-theme centred around issues surrounding Creative and Cultural Industries: "Triple Helix from Perspective of Cultural and Creative Industries". The sub-theme calls for analyses, researches, case studies and debates on the role of university, government and industries platforms, collaborations and knowledge exchange in the creative and cultural sectors.

Scholarly paper contributions that seek to advance over understanding of the dynamics of University-Industry-Government interactions in the Creative/Cultural sector and the fields of Arts/Humanities, and the emerging entrepreneurial university models in particular are invited. The organisers also welcome practitioner-oriented contributions that provide insights on new policy innovations and share knowledge on practices, as well as proposals for workshops and poster presentations that contribute to promoting exchange and dialogues on how universities in the 21st century can better cope with the challenges of globalizations while serving local and regional goals.


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