The 6th International Triple Helix Conference on University-Government-Industry Links, Singapore, May 16-18 2007

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Deadline for Online Abstract Submission has passed.

The 6th Biennial international Triple Helix Conference on University-Industry Government-Links will be held in Singapore from 16-18 May 2007 with the theme �Emerging Models for the Entrepreneurial University: Regional Diversities or Global Convergence�. The conference will be organized by National University of Singapore (NUS) Enterprise. Past Triple-Helix conferences have been held in Amsterdam, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Copenhagen/Lund, and Turin (

Organized for the first time in Asia, Triple Helix VI 2007 will provide a global forum for academic scholars from different disciplinary perspectives as well as policy makers, university administrators and private sector leaders from different countries to exchange and share new learning about the diverse emerging models of the entrepreneurial university, the changing dynamics of University- Industry-Government interactions around the world and the complex roles of the university in local, regional and national economic development.

We invite scholarly paper contributions that seek to advance over understanding of the dynamics of University-Industry-Government interactions in general and the emerging entrepreneurial university models in particular. We also welcome practitioner-oriented contributions that provide insights on new policy innovations and share knowledge on practices, as well as proposals for workshops and poster presentations that contribute to promoting exchange and dialogues on how universities in the 21st century can better cope with the challenges of globalizations while serving local and regional goals.

We invite submissions of extended abstracts in following categories:

(A) Papers for presentation in Parallel Sessions
(B) Papers for Workshop Sessions
(C) Poster presentations

Papers and poster presentations will be selected based on abstracts submissions which should be of a maximum length of two pages including figures and references.

Authors of accepted abstract will be required to submit their full papers / poster abstracts according to the submission Guidelines and Procedures .  Authors of the best papers presented at the conference will be invited to submit their contributions to a number of special issues of relevant international journals.

Note that the policy of Triple Helix VI is to consider no more than two papers from a single individual, whether as author or co-author, in order to produce a diverse conference with the widest possible representation.


Authors are invited to submit papers on one or more of the following sub-themes:

1. Role of Triple Helix Linkages in National Innovation System
2. Indicators/Measurement of Triple Helix Linkages and Dynamics
3. Models of Entrepreneurial University
4. University Technology Commercialization & Spin-offs
5. Technology commercialization from Public Research Organizations
6. Economic Impacts of Universities and Public Research Institutions
7. Triple Helix Linkages & Dynamics in Emerging Economies
8. Managing Triple Helix Relationships and Networks
9. Policies for Promoting Triple Helix Linkages
10. Organizational and Management Challenges in Triple Helix Nexus
11. Triple Helix Linkages in the context of Globalization
12. New Ways of Capitalizing Knowledge
13. University as Barycentre of Industrial Policy
14. Triple Helix from Perspective of Cultural and Creative Industries

Papers on other sub-themes related to the Triple-Helix concept are also welcome.  

  • Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts which should follow the following guidelines:

    • The title of the abstract should appear at the top of the paper.
    • The name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s) should NOT appear anywhere in the abstract.
    • The abstract should be of a maximum length of two single-spaced A-4 pages including figures and references. 
    • Immediately below the Title, the Primary Sub-theme of the abstract should be indicated, with reference to the list of conference sub-themes.
    • If applicable, a Secondary Sub-theme should be indicated below the Primary-Sub-theme.
    • If the selected Sub-theme is "Others", a proposed sub-theme should be provided.
    • The abstract should be in Microsoft Word format (.doc)
    • The abstract should be submitted through our online submission system, accessible from the link below.
    • Abstracts must be submitted by 8th January 2007.

    Please click here to refer to a Sample Abstract.

    Successful authors will be notified of acceptance by 16th February 2007.

    For authors with accepted papers:

    In order for your paper to be included in the programme, the book of abstracts or the CD-Rom, at least one of the authors must have registered to the conference by 1st May 2007. (remember that there is a special registration rate until 9 March 2007).

    Authors are responsible for ensuring that the materials are submitted on time according to the due dates below (no extensions will be given) and comply with the submission guidelines included in the authors' kit (It will be emailed to authors with accepted abstracts). By submitting a contribution, authors acknowledge that the paper is original and not subject to copyright restrictions.

For online paper submission, please click here.


Online submission of abstract Opening Date
1 September 2006
Last Date for online abstract submission
12 January 2007
(5 pm US Eastern Time)
Notification of Acceptance
16 February 2007
Full paper submission Due Date
- Papers
- Workshop papers
16 April 2007
Poster Extended Abstracts submission Due Date
(Revised) * 16 April 2007
End of Special Rate Registration for Conference Participants
9 March 2007

You can direct any enquires on the paper/abstract submission or information about the conference by going to

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