Implementation of Green Economy in Telecommunication Industry: A Case Study of Bakrie Telecom

  • Arien Arianti Gunawan

    Time : Sat, Nov 23 16.40 - 17.00

    Room : Ayodya B


Talking about business, business today must be socially and environmentally responsible. Industrial and toxic waste also greenhouse contributed so much in global warming and triggered natural disasters. Implementing green economy can be one of the best solutions to this issue as well as a beneficial innovation in business industry. Recently, green economy has been a hot issue in the media and among business people in relation the responsibility for any effect cause by the activities of their industry which ruined the ecosystem. By looking at the importance of this issue, it is believed that a conceptual study on the implementation of green economy in telecommunication industry such as Bakrie Telecom (BTEL) must be conducted. This study analyzed the implementation using green economy concepts from the perspective of other researchers/academicians and the Government role in supporting this issue. It is found that BTEL has implemented green economy in their company well enough as a responsible innovation for the sustainability of their business, resources, and environment. However, a synergistic cooperation between academicians, government and business sectors, telecommunication industry in particular, are fully suggested. In addition, a serious attention from the Government as the stakeholder and the controller is the most essential element in making the program successful. It is fully suggested that a more comprehensive study with a comparison of many, not just one, telecommunication companies must be conducted to provide better findings


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