Identification and prioritization of factors affecting entrepreneurship development in online stores)- Fransisca Budyanto Widjaja, Catharina Tan Lian Soei

  • Fransisca Budyanto Widjaja


    Time : Sat, Nov 23 14.00 - 14.20

    Room : Ayodya C


The advancement of technology has influence the way people do business. Last few years, numbers of online stores in Indonesia increases and suddenly everyone can open a new business as long as he or she has internet access. Online stores are considered as Small Medium Enterprises because the size of business is still small but keep growing. Previous research already identify factors affecting entrepreneurship development in other area of business and country and this study is going to focused on Indonesian people who have online stores. The main findings of this study are identification and prioritization of factors affecting entrepreneurship development in online stores. Three factors affecting the development of entrepreneurship are individual factors, environment factors, and policy factors. By knowing the prioritization of these factors, we can recommend actions that can be done in developing Indonesians’s entrepreneurship in doing online business and how government and universities can be prepared to give assistances in developing this growing business opportunities


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