Research-Based Entrepreneurship

  • Leslie Ann Benares

    Universitas Ciputra

    Time : Sat, Nov 23 14.20 - 14.40

    Room : Ayodya C


These days, a lot of people believe that entrepreneurship will become one of the solutions in order to increase welfare level in Indonesia. If an entrepreneurship really plays the role as a solution to increase welfare level in Indonesia, the next question would be: how to realize it? One of the real implementation way is by using Research-based Entrepreneurship that has been commonly implemented by developed country. The success of implementing Research-based Entrepreneurship depends on the harmonic collaboration between government, academician which represents university party, and entrepreneur which represents industry party. These three integrated components also well-known as triple helix. The government will provide fund, regulation and other any support that needed to be maximized by academician in university in order to create some breakthrough researches that will end up with some outstanding innovative results or patents. And this research result then will be commercialized by an entrepreneur so that it can be a mass product that will have a positive impact to society. The strong collaboration of triple helix in the cycle of Research-based entrepreneurship is able to create sustainable innovation that can support the economic movement in their country and also improve the people?s welfare in the same time.


Triple Helix Conference I Amsterdam, 1996 II New York, 1998 III Rio de Janeiro, 2000 IV Copenhagen, 2002 V Turin, 2005 VI Singapore, 2007 VII Glasgow, 2009 VIII Madrid, 2010 IX Stanford, 2011 X Indonesia, 2012 XI London, 2013
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