Technology Readiness Analysis and User Segmentaion for IPTV Technology Adoption (Studies on Home Phone Users and Speedy PT. Telkom Indonesia in Bandung)

  • Refi Rifaldi Windya Giri


    Time : Sat, Nov 23 17.00 - 17.20

    Room : Ayodya C


Purpose of study - Telkom has develop IPTV services (internet protocol television) as part of efforts to revitalize the business phone cord in the middle of the changing landscape of the telecommunications industry. IPTV is a high-tech product and new innovative products in Indonesia, user segmentation and technological readiness (technology readiness are the important thing to develop the best marketing strategy. The company must understand what makes each segment unique and different, and how much of the technology readiness of customers is one thing that encourages consumers to adopt new technologies.


Triple Helix Conference I Amsterdam, 1996 II New York, 1998 III Rio de Janeiro, 2000 IV Copenhagen, 2002 V Turin, 2005 VI Singapore, 2007 VII Glasgow, 2009 VIII Madrid, 2010 IX Stanford, 2011 X Indonesia, 2012 XI London, 2013
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