(Analysing Universities’ Contribution in Latecomer Catch-up: The Added Value of the ‘Functional’ System of Innovation Approach)-

  • Zeeda Fatimah Mohamad

    University of Malaya, Malaysia

    Time : Sat, Nov 23 14.30 - 14.50

    Room : Ayodya C


In the literature, investigation on the specific role of universities in technological innovation has been conducted from various perspectives: the organizational perspective using the entrepreneurial university approach, as a two-way relationship with firms using the university-industry links approach, as a three way relationship with firms and government agencies using the triple helix approach and finally in terms of multiple relationships with various actors using the system of innovation approach. Compared to the other approaches, the system of innovation approach is the least developed for this purpose. This article proposes that there is added value and novelty in using the system of innovation approach, particularly through its analysis of 'functions', to investigate the role of universities in innovation systems, especially in the context of latecomer catch-up. The proposition is based on insights derived from a critical review of the literature and an exploratory empirical work conducted by the author. The review covers a combination of literatures on system of innovation (specifically the technological system framework and recent advances in the analysis of functions) and the role of universities in technological innovation, with a relatively older literature by Perez and Soete in 1988.


Triple Helix Conference I Amsterdam, 1996 II New York, 1998 III Rio de Janeiro, 2000 IV Copenhagen, 2002 V Turin, 2005 VI Singapore, 2007 VII Glasgow, 2009 VIII Madrid, 2010 IX Stanford, 2011 X Indonesia, 2012 XI London, 2013
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